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  1. UWE59, I did not develop 4-AP. A colleague of mine at NYU did early experiments with the drug in spinal cord injury and designed the clinical trials that showed its efficacy for multiple sclerosis. Not everybody with MS will respond the Ampyra. If you don't have any beneficial effects from the drug within 4 weeks, I would discontinue it. The doses of 4-AP given for MS and SCI may differ. People with MS are more sensitive to 4-AP. Also, please note that Ampyra is a sustained release formulation while my earlier posts were relating to immediate release. Wise.
  2. Hi,
    I have read that you have develloped AMPYRA by Acorrda. You have written in 2004 to ramp up 4-AP up to 40mg. Isn´t it too much because AMPYRA is now only 2x10mg/day?
    I have MS with walking problems. is it right that I´m not a responder after 4 weeks on 4-AP?
    Please write me a PM because I`m not often is this forum.
    Regards UWE
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