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  1. Hi Mr. WiseWhen
    I was paralyzed trying to rescue my fiance a E.R. physician from U of M who ended up being fine(just playing a joke on me)He pulled me out of the water over a boat ledge, they rolled me over then lifted me and placed me on bench, then into a car, then before I lost consciousness gave me a fistful of Ibuprofen, I awoke the next day in bed, he never took me to the hospital even though I told him that I was paralyzed from chest down. I could barely breathe. 4 days later he took me to E.R. I lost 10lbs had elevated off the chart labs etc. My question is "Did the delay of care cause me to later get a syrinx in the place of injury" If I would have been treated sooner I believe I would not have a syrinx-Received a 10 hour trans-abdominal Thoracotomy with T12-L1-L2 fusion, a cadeaver humeral bone in place of L1, 2 rods, 4 screws, removal of 10th rib of course for surgical entry.
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