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  1. Christy, I am not sure that I can interpret these comments without knowing the symptoms that prompted the CT scan. Based on the words alone, you seem to have some enlarged blood vessels ("prominent vascular structures"), possibly due to a blood vessel tumor ("venous angioma") indicated by the presence of contrast dye ("faint contrast blush") signifying increased numbers of small blood vessels (capillary telangiectasia) in the mid-pons (part of your brainstem, see You need an MRI (if you have not had one) to confirm. If it is an angioma, it should be benign and you may have had it all your life. What are your symptoms? Do you have headaches? Dizziness? Wise.
  2. Hello my name is Christy and I went recently and had a CT scanI have no idea what they mean so I'm hoping somebody can tell me in layman terms what is going on with me,prominent vascular structure with faint contrast blush in the mid pons, venous angioma , capillary telangiectasia any input would be very appreciated thanks
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