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  1. Hi, my mother was diagnosed with transverse myelitis about 15 years ago. She has been on very high doses of prednezone all these years. We live in Alabama and she has been seeing a MS doctor in Montgomery Al. for many years. She doesn't have MS and I was just wondering if there may be a Transverse Myelitis Specialist out there somewhere. I know it is a rare diasease...but I wish she could get off the steroids. In the past, when they would completely take her off the prednezone, she would go paralyzed from the waste down. It is the only thing that has helped...I was hoping that maybe in 2009, there were some different treatments that we do not know about that could help her. This particular doctor that she sees, doesn't really seem to know. At this point in her life...she feels like giving up...I wish I could give her a ray of hope! Thank You!
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