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  1. Dr Young,

    I'm 30yrs post injury. I have had numerous skin graft surgeries on both hips. Muscle tissue from both of my front quadraceps were used to make skin grafts to assist in recovery in extreme decubitis ulers on my hips. As such, i don't think my body can sustain standing, even on a standing frame. The last time i was on a standing frame some 22yrs ago, my blood pressure shot through the roof. No tests were taken to determine why. I was lowered and back in my chair.

    I know i will most likely not be able to walk ever again and this is very discouraging. However if i can regain bowel and bladder function back i would be more than satisified. With this said, would i not be better suited to undergo the surgery in China? I would very much appreciate your opinion on this, you may email me at Thank you very much for your time.

    Alex G
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