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  1. hi Mr Wise
    I recently had an MRI and dont umnderstand a word of it it states as followed...
    There is loss of normal cervical lordosis evidence of ACDF at C5/6 there is central disc/osteophyte disease at C4/5 whi9ch is indenting the theca and is displacing the spinal cord it extends to both lateral formina causing forminal narrowing at C5/6 there has been decompression of the spinal canal. There is no evidence of significant disc /osteophyte disease elswhere causing thecal or root compression the cranial and central spinal is of normal size the cranio vertebral junction is normal conclusion significant reduction in spinal canal due to reversal of spina;l curvatureand disc disease at 4/5 .
    Mayt I add I get significant pain at C2 which has not been mentioned and significant disability which has also not been mentioned I am currently trying to get sent to the nearest spinal unit in leeds uk but dont understand what this all means can you please explain it too me
  2. mags85, I am sorry that I did not see both of your messages until today. I am not sure what to say in response to your situation. You don't describe your surgery and so I am assuming that this is to decompress your spinal roots (since you say C2-6 are fused) . While surgery carries some risk of functional loss, surgery may relieve the pressure that is causing the sensory loss that you are describing. I am pretty certain that the doctor would not be recommending surgery unless he/she believes that you will lose function without the surgery. If you choose not to have the surgery, it seems likely that you will progressively lose more function. If you choose to have the surgery, it may make you worse but it may also prevent further loss. I am very sorry to hear about other medical problems in your family but you should not be basing your decisions on them. In my opinion, you need to make the best decision for your body.

  3. Hi again Mr Wise
    I have to have another op after losing feelings in my fingers and pins nd needles in hands neck and shoulder area however when I had my last one 2004 i had a dble fusion and laminectomy which resulted in left side weakness bein in permanant pain and swan neck deformity, downward gaiter with being general neurological unsound my C2 is now unoperable and c3-4-5-6 is fused I am scared I wont pull through or that I will end up paralysed from the neck down any advice I am feeling like it might be better for me to end it rather than put my family under more pressure as I have a disabled son and a daughter who is a one parent and pregnant and my mother is getting a bone scan on monday after prev having breast cancer and full chemo I cant cope anymore
  4. hi dr young can u pls help me? I am 46 I had a spinal laminectomy and dbl fusion c3-c6 but more damage c2, I lost the strength laft side during op and have slowely recovered enough to walk and Im on amitrplyn codiene diclo phenic, Ibrugel, and ducosate but since op have had a spinal displacesure last year and 2 wks ago again, I have pins and needles in my shoulders and neck and a light headedness, I got an mri 6 mnths ago which showed partial volume at T10 and I i lose feeling in fingers I am so scared I am going to end up tetra plegic what are the fatality rates after this kind of op? am I slowly going to degenerate more? Iv been told they cant op again as its too dangerous Im in pain most at night is there anything else I can do to prevent further damage do I actually have any future? can anybody help?
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