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  1. Hey Dude! Give Me Holler!
  2. Dude, I know not.
  3. How's come your not in my friend's list???
  4. Back atcha, Joe! Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays!
  5. Absolutely dude. Fought off bronchitis after driving home from jersey. Driving back for Christmas. Here's to us both having a happy and safe holiday Steve. Merry Christmas!
  6. Hey dude,
    Are you getting ajusted to Winter?
  7. Hey Joe,
    I didn't buy any tickets this year, I'm a fair weather fan and they're playing like shit this year. Maybe next year if they make some adjustments.
    Talk at you later!
  8. Dude! I went to the Eagles Bengals! Very awesome! Yeah, let me know. Do the Bengals play anyone from the NFC East this year???
  9. Hey Joe,
    If you want to come over for a Bengal game, let me know. Or go to one, I'll have Pitt/Brown tickets. Who Dey!
  10. Hey,
    I seen your post about Salem Hardware. I could meet you down there Tuesday afternoon.
    What do you think?
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