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  1. I am very sorry to hear of your daughters paralysis Domosoyo!! I can't imagine how hard it is for her being 13! It's definitely a tragic event. I hope I will be able to provide some of the information you are looking for. Will she be able to cath herself if she goes through with the mitrofanoff surgery? That is one thing she should figure out. Good luck to your daughter in learning how to live with her new life she has. If she would like to talk with someone she's free to send me a message. My injury is a bit lower then hers so some things I wouldn't be able to relate but most other things I probably would.
  2. My daughter and I will be following your thread closely on your procedure. She was injured August 2009 and is C5. She just turned 13 and is now thinking about the Mitrofanoff procedure as she is tired of all of us handling her, timing events etc. We are so excited for you!

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