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  1. wise
    I have been waiting for suffocating, hurry up let us restore the health bar. Going crazy!
  2. China has just ushered in the Year of the Tiger! The first time, I put Tiger to give you all the blessings of all, wishing a successful experiment as soon as possible to wish you and your family, happy work, happy life! All my friends at home and abroad to join us to enjoy blessings! Christina
  3. The most common drug that is usually used for bladder spasm is called oxybutinin (also called ditropan and other names). If you have high bladder pressure and not taking any drugs for it, I would suggest that you take this drug to protect your kidneys. The fact that you had a test to assess your kidneys means that your doctors are aware of this. Wise.
  4. Hi dr young!

    I am in Qingdao, Shandong Province.
  5. You need to get a study of your bladder pressure. If you have high pressure, this may account for your "mild renal hydronephrosis". You probably need to take a drug to reduce bladder spasticity (which causes high pressure in the bladder and reflux of urine into the kidney that may have caused the hydronephrosis). Where are you in China?

  6. Hi dr young !

    See your message, I am excited for a long time! I filled in the information part, the remaining do not know, there is no fill. (My English is very poor)!

    I have mild renal hydronephrosis, (injured two years) there is no stone, bladder capacity of 800ml, I need treatment? How can I return to the renal level of health?

    Finally I wish you the April 2009 visit to China successful, China welcome you!
  7. hello christina-china, I just wanted to visit your profile and to welcome you here. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. Wise.
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