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  1. I am a polio case, I wear my first KAFO since 13, after the hip bone surgery. Before that I was just using crutches.

    I can't remember how many KAFO I have wore. I think around 8 or 7. I only wear on my right leg.

    I only started to use wheelchair since 3 years ago, where I have shoulder tear, doctor advised me to rest my shoulder, not to walk too much on my crutches.

    After so many KAFO I have wore, only the very last 2 KAFO is really fit me and give me good support and the most comfortable one.

    I design the last two KAFO, base on some sample I read on website.

    You can see this in youtube:
  2. Your mail box is full, so I reply you here.

    I really hate leather and all the straps, it can't really support me well. If the strap is too tight, my leg feel painful, if it is not tight enough, support is not enough too.

    I hate the technician in my country too, they just want to make money, and never willing to listen to what I want. Not until I insist my design, they won't do anything really fit me. But I am still not satisfy with their workmanship.

    Hopefully getting something even better. Have you heard of the Stance Control KAFO? And also some other new design?
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