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  1. Deaconj,

    Please do not post messages to me on the Visitor's bulletin board. Post them in the Care Forum. I do not check visitor messages.

    Regarding the best place for suprapubic catheter placement, you should consider a general hospital with a good urology department, as opposed to a rehabilitation center. The way that I would find a good place is to do a search on google scholar for places that have published about suprapubic catheter results and then choose the place with the best results. Wise.
  2. I am incomplete quad (ependymoma excision -C-4 to T6- 23 years ago).
    A month ago, Foley catheter tore urethra/bladder. Urologist recommends suprapubic in next six months - strictures likely to make intermittent catheterization undesirable. 7 mm kidney stone - no blockage.

    Hemorrhoids, yellow discharge from anus, 10 years since colonoscopy, abnormal perception of feeling cold (thyroid function?), problems clearing throat, sleep apnea, EKG abnormality, low BP, all suggest specialty hospital may be best.

    Urologist suggested Craig for suprapubic. They don't do gastrointestinal, and call in specialists for other things. There are two SCI centers in California (Downey and San Jose), and U.S. News & World Report identifies several others in California and a couple in Colorado to consider.

    Guidance about decision? Best evaluation/treatment from one visit to one hospital? Which hospital may be best equipped and staffed to handle all of these issues?

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