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  1. Hi Wise, I am new to this site and also new to this world. My son was injured on 11/22 while lifting weights and broke C1, C2 and crushed C5, C6 and C7 with spinal cord injury. He is currently in the hospital fighting his 3rd case of pneumonia since the accident. Diaphram was injured along with intercostal muscles no way to bring anything up himself with cough assist. Prior to this he had been moved to Hillside Rehab in Warren, Ohio which specializes in SCI. He has limited use of arms and upper body which they are working on to strengthen but nothing in the hands. He does have feeling in his hands and nothing from mid torso to feet. We are currently working on Dragon getting installed in his computer so he will have something to keep his mind active. He was a very active person prior to this accident. Any advise on what I should be asking doctors and therapists or insisting on what they should be working on and what can I do for him to help him? I am at a lost .
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