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  1. Fahad, I am sorry that I did not see your message until just now. I am not an expert in tendon transfer. I think that the most commonly used muscle for tendon transfer is the brachioradialis. This way, when you cock the hand radially, it also closes your forefinger and thumb into tendodesis. But, somebody more experienced with such surgery should be advising you on this matter. Wise.
  2. i am a c6 quad complete and want to have a tendon surgery to restore my finger and thumb functions. i have following active muscles in my forearm and their strength is(brachioradialis 5,pronator teres 4,supinator 4,extensor carpi radialis 5)

    if any experienced person could advise me about the above mentioned muscles to be used in finger and thumb flexion and extension ?

    will my tansferred muscle replace the existing function with a new one or i will be
    able to do both the functions consequently,after tendon transfer?
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