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  1. pgatlin, I understand. I also have a lot of respect for Carl Kao and his abilities as a surgeon, as well as his compassion, insight, and bedside manners.

    I think that you may be misunderstanding what a syringomyelic cyst is. It does not cause a "gap" in the spinal cord. It is an enlargement of the central canal. More important, there is no evidence that placing a sural nerve graft into the cyst will close the gap, enhance regeneration, or improve functional recovery in patients.

    Sorry that I did not see the mention of your son's chronic pain earlier. If the chronic pain is the reason for the surgery, it is a rationale for the surgery. However, shunting and collapsing of the syrinx may not reduce the pain.

    Please do understand that many people on CareCure have had operations by Carl Kao and they have not seen improvements in their function. They are not just saying negative things because they don't like him. They have become disillusioned.

  2. In spite of negative comments on this site about Dr. Kao, I have to say that my son had surgery in Dayton, WA from Dr. Kao 22 years ago and regained his bladder function. He removed a calcified disc anteriorily that had been missed by his previous surgeons several months earlier. He exhibits compassion, insight and encouragement in dealing with his patients.
  3. Dr. Carl Kao came and examined my son this weekend (including x-rays and MRIs) and diagnosed a syringomyelia which is causing a rather large gap in his spinal cord. He has been in chronic pain for about 10 years and Dr. Kao feels this is the cause. In addition, he has had a huge Stage V decubitus open wound for almost two years. They have cultured MRSA, E Coli, pseudomonas, etc and he has been on 24 hour/day IV antibiotics through a pic line (Vanco and Rocephin). Dr. Kao proposes to bridge the gap in his spinal cord with a sural nerve from his leg. He states that it is one of three sensory nerves and does not really affect anything. He also says that Schwann cells are the only ones that will work in this situation and proposes that he can immediately close the wound and handle the drainage with a 20 cc syringe with negative pressure. My daughter wants to donate stem cells when she gives birth. What is the potential for that and where would they inject them.
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