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  1. As a group, we become very close. Learning each others afflictions, trusting each other, and supporting one another. I no longer feel isolated and hopeless. I have more empathy for others. I reach for my book often and read over parts that have inspired me and to refresh my mind on information I use daily.

    My General Practitioner recommended this group to me along with a Holistic Medicine doctor who takes the physical, social, and mental needs combined as a whole to treat. I am so thankful to my GP who after all the tests, diagnosis, and prescriptions, has looked beyond to see my needs and has accommodated them. My hope is that others might find benefits to my writing and better themselves at any measurement possible.
  2. I recently joined a pain management group which is teaching me to meditate. It focuses on mindfulness meditation and visualization medication. I am loving it. Anyone here use this to help your pain?
    "Managing Pain Before It Manages You" by Margaret A. Caudill MD PhD MPH and MD Herbert Benson (Oct 2, 2008) is the book we all read. We meet once a week and sometimes go over the same chapter 3 times. We are told to read and reread. We study pain conditions, pain medications, nutrition, alternative medicine, effective communication, problem solving, and having healthy attitudes. We are given dairies to keep on pain, food, and medication in order to learn patterns and interactions. For those who can move, they are taught tai chi exercises and meditation is taught and encouraged to practice each day. Mindful meditation and visualization meditation are the types.
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