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  1. Jamil, I probably won't be able to go. But, I think that many people on carecure would follow any information that you post concerning your experience. Wise.
  2. Dr. Young,
    After talking with Dr. Al-Zoubi of the Jordanian team by phone, I feel his integrity is genuin. I have sent all my medical records to Jordan and will wait to see if I met their team of 35 professionals criteria for therapy. I read that you would like to go yourself to observe their method of operation. I have nerve damage from an AVM and can not walk post 18 months surgery. I will be their frist sci patient with an AVM, but maybe it will if real, work a little faster for me. If accepted and I go, would you go? It appears to be a 50/50 deal and I must try. Any advice Dr. Young?
  3. Hello Dr. Young,
    I have been following a blog by a man called Lucas Smith in Dehli India under the care of a Dr. called Ashish who has been giving Lucas 50 million stem cells through injections twice a day in the thoracic area. Lucas says he feels new sensation, but they fade away later. It appears Lucas is a quadrapeligicc, but says he is making progress. I am a parapeligic and already feeling tingling and needle like feelings in my legs. I was wondering if you have any information on this. I have a friend who is a physician and is going to India this month and he will check up on this for me. I value your inner thoughts. For now, I have ordered an easystand with glider to help me stand for long periods of time. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.
  4. Jamil, I am not sure that the ASIA classification system is really all that predictive for recovery in people with TM or ischemia of the spinal cord. The definition for "complete" spinal cord injury in people with traumatic spinal cord injury is loss of anal sensation and sphincter control. AVM in particular is very difficult to predict recovery from. I have seen patients who were almost completely paralyzed for many years recover rapidly in hospital and walk out, after embolization of their AVM. I used to do evoked potential monitoring for AVM cases and had participated in a 1985 study that was one of the first articles of embolization of spinal AVM's. However, you should benefit from the same kinds of therapies that are now being developed for spinal cord injury.

  5. Dr. Young
    Is an avm considered an incomplete or a complete sci? I had surgery to remove and glue vessels in 9/08 after a year and a half of being misdiagnosed with TM. Is recovery lessened by the amount of time past before surgery? T7-8 was the original location of injury.
    Thank you
  6. Dr. Young,
    In April 2007, I began falling down. May 07, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. After a year and a half of being misdiagnosed I found out I had an AVM on the spinal cord in T7-8 region. Had surgery to remove avm and glue vessel. Since then my legs have been burning. After semtember 2008 surgery I can now tighten my legs and hold them. I know much time went by before surgery, but is there a chance of regaining 70% of function so I can walk again. My quads are weak, but quiver when working with the PT. This is so rare that I can not find much about recovery. Swelling gone, but thinning of spinal cord were damage was.Please respond.
    Jamil Kassem
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