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  1. Dear Dr. Young,

    My brother suffered an L-3 fracture 18 months ago in a motorcycle accident. The surgeons were able to put him in alignment, remove bone fragments and stabilized his spine with a spacer(?) and 8 titanium screws above and below the injury. They performed a laminectomy and repaired both the CSF leak and the shredded dura mater. The surgeon told us he suffered injury to the cauda equina but most of the nerves were in tact.

    His ability to walk is limited with the help of leg braces and a walker. He has no feeling in his feet. My question is can the nerves of the cauda equina regenerate? Do they have clinical trials for such an injury?

    I was reading about your research and clinical trials using umbilical cord blood cell transplants and lithium. Hypothetically, would this work in the same way for lower spine injuries? Or would this not relate since it's the nerve roots and not the spinal cord?

    Thank you for your time. Your research gives us all hope.
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