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  1. thanks breh
  2. I like your new b&w pic.
  3. It's difficult to find a good acupuncturist who has experience in SCI in both the USA and China -- but a bit easier in China. I know for certain that it works for stroke patients. As mentioned, for spinal cord injury, it works better with lower-level injuries than high-level injuries such as my Dad -- much to my sadness, my acupuncturist was not optimistic about my Dad. He told me that the most he could do is to help strengthen my Dad's body and to help with the swelling in my Dad's body (not the spinal cord) -- so, he didn't feel that he could do much help due to the "metal" in his neck and missing bones.

    Frankly, to do a good treatment, it requires treatments every 2-3 days apart.

    I can recommend a good acupuncturist to you if you're ever in China.
  4. I've only went to 1 and it wasn't a good experience for me mainly because the guy didn't know what he was doing.
  5. Hi Mr. Coffee,

    I read that you visited the acupuncturist -- did you have good results? Just wondering, cuz I wanted to get a good one to see my Dad.

    I know of a very good acupuncturist in China - he and other docs have had success with paras -- much to my grief, it's less optimistic with higher level injuries on vents. It's difficult to find experienced acupuncturists in the USA.
  6. Hi Joey,

    I had no movement what so all, it just suddenly happened after trying for hours every night. It takes a lot of focus of the mind and is mentally stressful. Your dad can't simply look at his foot and say move, he has to grit his teeth and really go nuts inside his mind trying to get it to move.

    Also range/touching/e-stim I think helps. Also try cold. Find an ice pack, put it on his leg, and then tell him to try to move his foot. This is something I discovered years ago after I got movement to try to get my other leg to move. It would work sometimes. Worth a shot.
  7. Hi Mr. Coffee,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm not very forum-literate.

    It is now almost three months -- I will tell my Dad what you did. Did you put your hand on something and try to move it? Gosh, anything else?

    Just wondering, did you have any flicker of movement during the three months? When I tell the doctors that others (I spoke to another woman who claimed that it took 3. 5 mos) have moved after three months (prior "nothing"), they don't believe me -- and claim that there was probably a bit of movement.

    Were you in a rehab facility?

    I've been trying foot massages, range of motion... I recently got a little toy with wheels so that he can roll it back and forth.

    Thank you so much for your kind advice.
  8. Hi Joey,

    What the doctors say isn't true exactly. It took 3 months for me to move anything and from there the progress was slow. I still use a wheelchair as my main transportation but I"ve regained quite a bit of function as well. I recommend your dad continue to try to move things he can't. I use to just spend hours a night trying to move my limbs which I think helped make the connection.

    Also if you can get him to some program like Project Walk in Southern California that would help as well although its not cheap.
  9. Dear Mr. Coffee - I am also in San Francisco. I read that you regained function after two months. My Dad had a compressed spinal cord C3-C4, and the Doctors are saying that if he hasn't moved in three weeks, that he will never regain any functionality. Sorry to bother you, but is it possible for me to contact you and ask you about your recovery so that I can tell my Dad.
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