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  1. Wish I could chat with you but I'm on an iPad. STUPID IPAD!
  2. glad to be of some use
  3. You made me LOL!
  4. post! fo'sho! yeah I'm in pain too. I must have slept walked/rolled and sat in some stinging nettles!
  5. Thanks! I'm in pain! Not unusual for me.
  6. I assume you mean for the profanities, sorted it. Laters!
  7. I'm going to erase your post okay. It's because I don't want you to get into trouble. I don't care what they do to me but I'm concerned about you.

    See ya round...I think.

    I only know how to erase my crap,so can you do it Brockit cause I don't know how? I told you this Internet stuff is new to me! Do it soon.
  8. Bowels: flip you! lmao. Same to you, hope you get to the bottom of it all and have some relief. Have a good day G'slinger sir :-)
  9. You're not hijacking my thread. That's your thread now,cause I'm never posting on it again. Brockit, I hope you get the info you need from this site and find some relief from YOUR new "thread".
  10. You had me confused,until I realized you posted on the wrong profile.
  11. lol dohhhh! i was having a blonde moment. I can now see loads of BB comments lmao. dooofus.
  12. No problem! how come it has been deleted though? is it due to the diagram I posted? oh well we know it made a really riveting read though hey ;;; haha
  13. Thanks for the info. I never knew what the guts of a cord looked like before. Mines probly all jacked up! Tooo many big words,and I'm too lazy to google medical jargon. Anyhooo, I'll PM you later this evening. I have a tutor coming over,cause I'm DUMB,and the strange thing is I use to be a tutor.
  14. Now I have another friend! Hope you're feeling better since the last time we talked.

    BTW. I told wheelz about this place,so I guess he knows for himself now.
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