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  1. Been ok, busy moving to a different apartment. Besides that, same old stuff. How about you?
  2. hi have u been?
  3. Thanks!
  4. i love your new red hair, it really looks cool.
  5. Just been down lately, not much point in getting up. I like living in Israel, don't think I would survive the winters in Montreal where I grew up. I don't work, I didn't finish university and I don't want to so I'm kinda at a loss (it's my own fault). Adjusting? What's that? lol. My mom lives in Montreal but I have some good friends here that are like "adopted" parents. Thanks for the message. Hope your son feels better soon!
  6. why in bed, r u not feelin well?? i have been lazy too my 6 yr old is sick so we r both in bed today....still saw a movie yest. but thats it. How do u like Isarel? r u able to work Mimi?? i c it'sbeen about 3 yrs 4 u, how r u adjusting?? do u have good family support?? hope u feel better

  7. Hey Evonne, spent most of the weekend in bed. How are things at your end?
  8. how r things goin Mimi?? any cool plans 4 da wknd??
  9. when i 1st joined i met one other woman Aurelia who was from Ireland with CCS...that is the only other person i have talked to that has it. its like being the red-headed stepchild of the sci world like u said tho all sci injuries suck and theres not one in the lot i'd choose! take care n stop by to say hey from time to time

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