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  1. Hey donnie

    Great to fear from you. Great to hear you are so active only a year after your accident. Working out is so good for the body and soul. I dont think there is a magical secret way to avoid the whole paraa/quad gut. Lots of exercise and healthy eating will help. ALso you may be able to find a way to activate your muscles a little. if you lay on your back and mimick a sit up- even just lifting your head. keep one hand on your tummy as you do this and see whether/how your muscles there are moving.


    My accident was 27 years ago so
  2. Hey Sept., I'm a t-4 and was wondering what you do to minimize your "gut" and if swimming helps it any? I know swimming helps w/ muscle tone in lower extremeties but to what extent. I was in the gym quite a bit beforemy accident which is a lil over a year now. I w/o with a trainer who helps give me weights on gym bench and so on.. Really trying to see if you've done anything for the "quad gut" and what has/hasn't worked for you. I know eating right and exercising doesn't hurt ;-)
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