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  1. Hey man, I wanna do this through your email cause certain people are NOSEY!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for yelling. HAHA.
  2. I will PM you later this evening Bill. For some reason my spasms are worse than normal,maybe cause I slept in my chair for the past couple days. You are probly thinkin "Yeah that'll do it".

    Talk to you later.
  3. You are welcome "friend". I am honored! I hope you realize who I am and if you decide to change your mind...totally okay. If I were you I might! LOL!

    GS8 respects you and I don't say that often.
  4. 14 yrs, You're as tough as nails,and I'm not talking about just physically.
    I went through alot of your posts and did not hear one complaint.
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