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  1. Hi Evonne,

    I am sorry I didn't respond sooner and apologize. Ugh, just too much going on around here LOL! I think you asked me if I had an sci injury. I guess the best way to answer that is no as in terms of an accident or paralysis. I have had two cervical fusions, lumbar is messed up, coccyx is too. make a long story short I have had a great deal of neuro pain in the last 8 years but it is slowly getting better. My Neurologist diagnosed it as Central Pain Syndrome. I think, however, it is Central Sensitization. In any case, I came to this website originally to read up on pain management, etc. It has been very helpful.
  2. I lived in IN 10 yrs ago. at 1st i hated it.....i moved there from Texas and the adjustment was hard until i met some friends. i work as a chem sales rep and worked with farmers & retailers that sell directly to growers (corn & soybeans as i'm sure u know) I moved with my company to central California. I do the same thing here but there r so many other crops....grapes, almonds, cotton,corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, citrus, peaches, walnuts, pistachios etc etc etc. My accident was sept '07, i am back to work now workin 4 the same co. r u injured or r u a family member?? anyway, like i said i saw the fishers IN and it reminded me of my time there.....good times

  3. Hi Evonne!

    Yes, well, I basically live just inside it...Geist area. You might as well say Geist and Fishers are one in the same. Where do you live now?
  4. kathi=do u live in fishers?? i lived in carmel for 2 yrs and tipton for 2 yrs

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