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  1. so is it bass you want to play? that is cool if so, I am hoping though you will start with dulcimer or ukulele. look on youtube for beginning dulcimer and let me know if you are interested.
  2. dear betheny,
    very sorry for your troubles. If you were meaning adi, I think he has made effort to change in the last couple of weeks. I notice he isnt trying to disrupt threads, and his comments have changed in nature. this thing with jhope will probaly affect him more than you might think.
    ms Betheny, you have been like a shiney little flower in the muddy of field of life. your posts have made a real difference in my frame of mind. Im sure Im not the only one who feels that way. please dont change a thing about the way you post. you have a wonderful personality, and wisdom. please know that you have been a huge supporting stone in the c.c. city of hope. right up there with Dr young and the sci nurses. hang in there. and dont worry so much about buttheads.
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