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  1. Truly. To be honest I started out on my mountain bike on a trainer in my garage I had bike set up with grip style shifters from Sram as I cannot use my thumb on right hand. I use clipless pedals cause if I dont my right leg has a mind of its own. So it can be scary at times but I have left leg pedal set very light for panic stops. But I do go down Im not going to lie I ride mostly rolling trails and not much single track thats to techical for my abilitys

    I then ventured in to road cycling and it is much eisier to get the miles in on a roady but you have more danger from stupid drivers I do this all to get return in my legs not really for the pure enjoyment because its kinda tough to do I have spasticity issues to deal with You may message me at any time or PM me and I will give you my number if you want to talk in depth about equipment or techniques I use Craig
  2. Hey there, I saw one of your thread posts about biking. Are you riding an upright or a recumbant? I really miss the bike and want to get back on the trails with my upright. However, my injury has left me with questionable balance. I'm wondering how you got back on the bike safely. Happy trails to you!
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