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  1. Hi Teena Hows it goin? HAPPY NEW YEAR
  2. Hi tina, I hope everything is well.I have been trying to play music, keyboard is shorting out something in thoracic and cant breathe , but I have been able to play the guitar with the help of pulleys and those green PT bands. Music has given me a new fire. and the wife told me im to old to try and sing and write Music. I bought a voice alive 4 its great for us older guys and girls you can sound 21 again. just trying to find my self in the middle of this insanity. Just saying HI MIKE
  3. hi teena hows it goin?ive been seeing some new docs that are allmost human. After 3 years im told I have SCI T8 incomplete. I think I want some of the drugs there takeing. They still dont no why my legs go parylized with out the hyperextension brace on.Baclofen has really helped the earthquake,s in my body ,Im walking more even thoe I wipe out the house getting there. just saying hi hope life is being good to you.
  4. Thanks Teena your a good warm person
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