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  1. Nicky,

    Sorry - I missed the message you left me here - a quicker response is to send me messages to

    The front end of the Icon does come off as well - some owners have put quick release clamps on to make it easier, but it's not as quick and easy as the Marvel was.

    There are ways to make the Icon pretty compact - would you want to do a call or Skype to go over them?



    888-461-5759 x700
    adamsmania on Skype
  2. Hi Jeff,
    A couple of members suggested I make contact with you as you are not only involved in the design of the marvel and icon but are also incredibly helpful.
    I am looking to purchase a new chair and am particularly looking for something that packs away quite compact and relatively easily. When I found the marvel I thought I'd found my chair (brilliant design work) but have since discovered they're no longer in production. I particularly like the idea of the front foot structure being a separate piece unlike the standard L framed chairs (I have a quickie gt). Another member suggested I could make the icon do something similar but that to Do so on a regular basis might be a hassle.
    Im looking specifically because I have just had a second child and with 2 car seats in the back I don't have the room in the front seat for the WC.
    Im not sure how you might be able to help me but any advice will be appreciated. If I can source a marvel I may still go that way.
    Thank you,
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