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  1. Yup, the pictures of our beagle are on page 107 under member pictures/member pet pictures.
  2. We have a beagle too. She's about 20 pounds and is cute as can be. She likes to curl up on laps and snuggle. I'm pretty sure I posted pictures of her on the pets page.
  3. I think if it stayed like it looks in the pic I would love to have it! lol I'm looking at what kind of dog I want, I've never been a pet kind of person, but I think its time I want a dog! but She is too big for me... I'm looking for a inside lap dog.
  4. Thanks! She's a big 65-pound ball of fur now that looks more like Chewbacca than the puppy in the photo
  5. your puppy is soo cute!!
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