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  1. Thank you very much!!! I love it here in see the problems with cities like Charlotte is every thing is fancy and landscaped. Here everything is so natural.
  2. I stopped in Asheville during a road trip to New Orleans, a while back. I liked the atmosphere there. I went to a bookstore in town and hung out for a while. Then I went to the Smokey Mountains and hiked a bit.
    I live outside of Philly. I've pretty much lived here my whole life (I was in Boulder, CO for school for a short while).
    I'm glad you and your partner seem to be doing quite well.
  3. I am from Asheville, NC and love it. Ahh my friend..she is my partner. I am only a year post and still learning new things everyday!!
  4. Hi
    I was just looking at the picture thread and saw a picture of you and your friend. You both are nice looking.
    We both are T7 complete. I'm doing okay!
    Where are you from?
  5. Hello fellow T-7er!! How are you?
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