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  1. Thanks Judy. I hope all is well. Would love to meet you to one day. {hugs} Mona
  2. I thought you were on the new profile pic! I swear one of these days I'm gonna come meet you!
  3. Judy see below. I made you a friend 10-4.
  4. Hi Judy, just saw this. Been crazy busy. Hope all is well. Mona
  5. hey girlfriend...just was thinking about you! forgot about this feature...hugs, judy
  6. y/w Judy. He's so hung up on steroids. They make you mean and he is. You're a sweetie and some time I hope we can meet. But right now I'm battling diahrrea & a bad cushion causing pink spots. We can see when I get over these. Don't let him get to you. I know it's hard but he doesn't deserve your time. I thought Bente said it right, he needs kids to rule over. lol
  7. Mona...thank you for what you said to you know who, teehee...I really didn't want to start drama but he just gets to me...I really would like to come pick you up and bring you to Oklahoma while Bente is here...if it doesn't work out then, when ever you say! I have an extra your mattress one of those you can roll up and bring with...If you think the 8 hour drive would be too much we can always stop along the way...or even get a room...I will be such a good pca you'll want to stay forever...which would be ok but I'm sure the grandkids wouldn't go for it...ooops, just noticed...thought I was pming you! hugs, judy
  8. Hi Judy, I just read about your son in the hospital. I was wondering why you didn't go to Austin. I couldn't either. So that's okay. How's he doing now? I pray okay! Praying for ya'll Mona
  9. Thanks for the invite. You're a sweetheart Judy.
    I'm just starting to get up this week. No idea how I'll be in March. Sounds awesome. Thanks for asking. I'll see how it goes getting up. {HUGS} Mona
  10. Hi judy thanks I would like to be your friend. I am currently in bed my pca told me about you request, I hope to be up soon and be able to talk to everyone
  11. Hey Mona, hope you got everything settled and you are up and about soon! Planning on going to Austin to hear Wise in March...would love to stop by and take you too! Ya need to get out for a couple days!...My treat! Let me know! judy
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