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  1. Thanks for the post
  2. Hi Larsen,
    From what you say it seems like both of your parents are there for you, however they are not there for each other. Before people divorce they usually experience years of control dramas with each other. Your mom and your dad are still in the drama.

    You can buy a house and obtain caregivers to help you, however your mom will probably continue her control drama with you. You may want to learn how to free yourself from their control by accepting mom as well dad as they are; human beings who do not know how to free themselves from their own control. Control produced conflicts which led to the divorce.

    For you, your work is learning how not to counter control their control. By learning how not to enter the control dramas you will obtain your independence. Independence is obtained through acceptance of what is, not what should or shouldn't be.
    Best wishes,
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