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  1. damn that sounds like you had lots of fun. wish I were there for the halibut, I miss eating it and out here it is not fresh and it cost to darn much
  2. hey...happy thanksgiving. The salmon was caught about 20 miles off the Alaskan Peninsula , in British Columbia (Langara Islands) the biggest one i got on that trip was 51lbs (1hr fight) we also caught halibut, my biggest was only 110lbs but a guy in our group got a 273lb hali
  3. oh man I just saw your picture with the salmon...I think I am in lust..haha
  4. yes I am, I have 70% return on left side and 30% return on right, and I also have foot drop and it is turning to the side about 90 degrees out still a lot of spasticity that is why I have a pump. I try to stay on my feet all day not nececarily walking as it hurts my hip and lower back. I wear the hell out of shoes now and only on the right side. I try to ride my recumbant bike each day for 20-30 min I have to do a lot of stretching. I am finally able to walk about 150ft w/ a quad cane with out having to take a break. I do have a lot of clse calls as far as falling.
    My first year was a joke, I was trying to learn to walk and our grandson that was staying with us was learning to crawl...he did circles around me.
  5. darrell..i c u r a walkin quad. do u walk all day, how is it workin out for u. i did pretty good the 1st yr but i have noticed foot drop on myrt.eleg is starting to get bad and makin it hard for me to walk.

  6. ah yes, i do remember readin some posts from u a while back about fallin from the ladder. i hope u get back to the things u love most...this sci business is not fun, but we gotta move on or it'll drive us all nuts hey. i hop to go to SA with my husband, if i can get my nerve/back pain under control 4 at least 10-12 days i'm gonna get it done. Even if i do not i will get it done b4 i am 40 cause after that it'll prob. get harder & harder each yeae takr care n keep in tpuch

  7. I am just the camara guy this year when I get out. this is the first season I have been out since my accident back in 05/06 season when I fell.
  8. i found ya.....the infamous huntern j/k quad 79 told me to look u up....u stilll doing some good hunting after yr sci??
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