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  1. youre pretty tough to have had to deal with your spinal issues and pain for two years..are you taking any pain meds??..i have a sore feeling in my back that kinda bothers me..i had screws and pins placed in my long is your workday at the daycare??..are you on your feet most of the time??..what are other things you avoid to prevent pain??..that puts so much limits on a lot of you do have a definite diagnosis of your spine??..even though we have different injuries i think we can still interact with each legs arent useful right now..i have a bowel/bladder management program going in a in the hospital..
  2. are you still able to walk??..where do you live?? did your legs feel at impact with the step?? a T5/T6 "complete" injury was on July 25, not sure what to tell you about insurance and such..i would like to have more interaction with you..i might not be as young as you but we are still young with these injuries..wanna talk??
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