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  1. Doing pretty good here Mike! My Dr tried to get me to have one about a year ago but I put her off, just hate the damm prospect of having it done and then them finding something wrong! guess it would be good to find it early but guess it's just the thought of it!!! Sure will
  2. Hey Doug, hope you had a good time in Myrtle Beach. I'm originally from Wilmington NC so used to go there a lot. Of course it's changed a lot since I was a teenager. I'm doing well - working alot which I guess is a good thing. How are you doing? I'm due for a colonoscopy but keeping putting it off - have you had one? Let me know if you are going to be in Florida next year.
  3. Hey Mike, How are you doing? We just got back yesterday from Myrtle Beach, the ride was NOT that bad, at least not nears as to what I was afraid of! Now next year she's wanting to come to Florida!
  4. Yes it's the right way!! Sorry to hear man! are you going to have to have surgery? Wife is doing pretty good. She got her brace off a couple weeks ago but still pretty sore. Take her back to Indy tom to see the heart Dr and hopefully the fluid will NOT have returned!!! keep in touch!
  5. Hey Doug, saw your visitor message. I guess this is the right way to reply. I'm getting over a round with a herniated disk. Couldn't walk for a few weeks - was using my wheelchair. Hope you are doing well. Has your wife fully recovered?
  6. Hey Mike are you doing?
  7. mainly just keep up with friends. there are some from cc there, but I've found only some of them will confirm you as friends!! I've not been reading very much anymore, pretty much accepted what I got it what I got I guess. I've been off that patch for a yr now and am only on 150 mg's of Lyrica my feet still hurt like hell but when u can't afford the meds and you loose your health insurance................. the compaony I worked for filed bankrupcty ...............yeah Visteon, owned by Ford. put the screww's to all their retiree's!!!!!!!!!! Corperations are Viscous!! sur hope they hand BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u do go on face book lool up Doug Earl
  8. Hey Doug. I haven't tried Facebook - my wife does it all of the time. Do you find a lot of SCI stuff there or just keep up with friends? Have you seen the posts by Dr Xiao on carecure - he sure makes the nerve rerouting sound promising.

    Right now it looks like the oil is going to hit the east coast of FL and not us. It really is a disaster - with no end in sight.

    Take care and stay in touch.
  9. Hey Mike, How are you doing? I don't get here much anymore, been going on facebook. Sure hope that oil doesn't get to you all!!!!!! it's so beautiful there!!!
  10. Hey Mike, How are you doing?? bet you got alot warmer weather than we've had this yr here, not had a day in the 90's yet!!! I tried to find that old T12 thread a few days ago to post for dixiemom who's daughter had a T12 burst and I couldn't find it. I thought it might help her a bit. Hope you are all OK!!!
  11. HEy Mike! Happy New Year! Hope 09 things get to moving!

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