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  1. Hey Bro, I'm in this Hunting/Shooting "Social Group". What does that mean? I guess we are suppose to sit around drinking alcohol with our firearms and socialize.(quit drinking long ago and dont miss it either...maybe sometimes. HAHA.) Alcohol and Firearms! That sounds safe.
  2. Tcaps, I like it too. Yeah, LT isn't shy about giving opinions...kinda like YOURS TRULY.
  3. Tcaps it is. I like that. Todd told me why no all caps. But i ain't givin' up.
  4. I just read again, I think I MIGHT understand? I also think your name should be Tcaps. I like Tray...what do you think?

    See you LATER.
  5. Havent heard from alright?
    Stop by my new thread.
  6. Good luck man. When i get them questions i just make up a story like, i saved some kids in a cross walk from a runaway bus, they be ok but the bus clipped me and busted my back. Just make some stuff up,
  7. TLLOYD wish me luck dude.Today is the first day of fall semester.I hate answering the same stupid questions about me being in a chair,and my foot being swollen.I got 3 and a half hours of sleep.I wonder who I will piss off first.
  8. Thanks man, i don't think yous crazy.....just really out pluto....just kiddin' man. Keep yer guns, keep yer guns. P.s. Keep yer guns.
  9. TLLOYD you sound like a cool dude.I know it seems that I'm crazy,but crazy is in the eye of the beholder.Ill see you around.

    Oh Yeah! I thought about what you said,and I just might keep them.
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