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  1. I'm a Airforce veteran of 10 year and work for the company that makes the NeuRx Diaphagrm Pacing System(tm) used to treat vent dependant spine injured people. The system is know for being used on actor Christopher Reeve.

    It was recommended by a few SCI peopl and approved by Carecure's management that I establish a blog on the NeuRx DPS(tm), which I've done.
    I wanted to make sure that veterans on Carecure were aware that the treatment is now available at two VA in the US, VA Palo alto (CA) on the west coast and VA James Haley (FL). This week we will be having a war hero from Afganistan treated in Florida.

    Apologize to anyone who considers this SPAM but felt the group should be made aware of the treatment option.

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