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  1. Hi Slowsister, Please don't be shy about posting any questions you may have on the Care forum, although most of us have spinal injuries many members suffer from MS.

    It sounds as if your brother has just had a very lucky escape and it's great that he's now living with his daughter and near to you.

    Good luck to you all,

  2. we live in the us.
  3. the reason I contacted you was several weeks ago my brother and I were searching for chat rooms to find info. I stumbled upon this website and found the conversation about condom caths. My brother had his first contact in years with a support group last month at the local hospital. We plan to attend when we can but there was only one man in the group and he is still able to walk some.
  4. hi, my brother is 48 and left his wife last nov. he stayed with me for a few months and now lives next door with his adult daughter and fam. we share in his care. She works full time. We are still learning to care for my brother. He has had ms for over 20 years. in a motorized wheelchair, has some movement in his arms, very little in legs. He wears a condom cath (has accidents about one per week) He just came out of an abusive 11 year marriage, he has pretty much been in bed for 2 years, now he is in his chair daily. My question is about bms. are most planned and how often. My brothers memory is getting better but he was on alot of medication. He is doing so much better now that he is with his family that love him.
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