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  1. Hey shane, sorry it took so long for me to respond.
    Mainly I work out everyday. Doing little things here and there but it adds up. Example I have a pull up bar I always use that works your trunk as well as your arms/sholders. I also use a medicine ball that will work my trunk. I place 1 hand on a table and my other hand holding the medcineball (it has a handle) and I lift up and down with it which really works my trunk a lot. I also e-stim which helped me get my abs back. I had a pretty defined 8 pack before I got hurt so I'm not sure if the e-stim woke up my abs or if it rebuilt them.
  2. hey mate, im shane how u going. Im a walking quad too. longer distances i still need to use my chair a fair bit. Noticed a few pics of you on one of the forums? what do u do to keep fit. I swim three days a week that helps me but id like to improve my abs more. do u have facebook?

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