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  1. He's an L1 burst fracture. He's basically a high-functioning paraplegic -- but nowhere near the level of your son. Really the best advice I can give is to develop a good exercise routine and keep everything moving and healthy. My son still have B&B problems but they are not bad. Much of that just takes time. If it's going to heal it will there really isn't anything you can do. We did take a minimally invasive approach in terms of not using magic bullets, enemas, suppositories, etc. -- just made sure he had enough fiber and a stool softener. With low level injuries that result in flaccid B&B, that seems to be what a lot of people do. He can sense the urge to go, but has little control over it. But sensing urge is a huge thing. It keeps bowel accidents down to a minimum. Have you guys tried ditropan for the bladder? That helped a lot.
    Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Could you tell me more about your sons injury and what type of recovery he has had. I am really hoping Carson's bladder and bowel get better but it is not looking so good. All of his muscles are now working in his legs. His left leg is still weaker and we continue to hope for more recovery on that. He is running but not like he did before and not nearly as fast. Well I hope all is well, thanks for posting
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