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  1. Hi Mark, thanks for your kind words. Flying with a vent definitely presents many challenges, but it is do-able. I bring along my regular vent, backup vent, external battery and ambu-bag in the cabin in a folding crate with wheels and handle. Add to that the seating from my powerchair, cram everything in the space allotted to you, and it's admittedly a big hassle.

    Unfortunately, at present neither of us are able to fly, even if we want to. Last July the FAA instituted a requirement that ventilators used in flight carry a sticker certifying that they're safe to use on board. That would be fine except that no one has issued stickers certifying that any vents are safe, because the companies that make them aren't interested in getting their vents certified. "It isn't part of our core business", one spokesman said. Sigh. Well, it is part of my core business...

    Sorry for the rant It's always good to talk to another vent user! Write back sometime.
  2. Hi, I read your thread about London. Great trip. I am on a vent also, but would not have the guts to fly. I really think you are great. I have ALS.Looking forward to hearing more from you about your trip.

    All the best, Mark
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