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  1. You got some nice fishing out there
  2. The city I live in is about 20 min north of Downtown Seattle and we have a salt water pier there. We fish for lingcod, cabezon, the usual perch sae bass and salmon. We get runs of kings, silvers, pinks.I was in Ca for a yr with a co and got to fish for strippers down there, thats a good sized fighting fish. Fresh water here we have trout,rainbow and kokanee(silver) , bass, perch,catfish and then they planted grass carp to try and knock down the millfoil wed, but guess what, the carp kept getting bigger and bigger and more an more, you gst the picyure, so our fish and game guys in their misdirected wiseness, decided to put some "sterilized" Tiger Muskies in a couple of the lakes telling me and a buuddie of mine , AS their pumping these stroid fish into the lake, oh don't worry, they don't eat trout, just the carp fry. OMG, I started laughing right there in front of him.Even tho I've never been to a stste that has tiger muskies, I can read, and not just 'bout clams, n' salmons. A shitting tiger muskie would eat OUR first born if the fell in the water. So here it is 6-7 yrs later and they're begging us sportsmen to please use certian lures , please try to catch them, we'll pay you.It's just not right the way they try to blow b ullshit past us, and figure they know it all, so it must be so.
    IN Aug '07, 2 weeks b4 the fu-uped fusion nsurgery, I got a 35 LB King Salmon off the dock.I got nine that yr, kings that is. then we've got about 2 dozen rivers near by that we fish for salmon, steelhead. In the saltwater we jig for squid, smelt,and herring thatwe use for live bait for salmon and lings, or for crab bait.We pretty much have something we go for all yr round. Run into the same guys doing all kinds a dif. stuff. Then we find out we drive 2 hrs to hunt for elk and we end up less than a mile away. It's great being a sportsman, it sure makes life easier if anything goes wrong. knowing lots of people.
  3. What kind of fishin you do out west? On the east coast we do stripper and blues, blackfish, porgies and fluke and flounder. Also we freshwater for pike, bass, carp, suckers and snappin turtle. BTW I try to fish only for the fish I will eat, I am not into sport fishing and don't want to catch a fish just for making me feel good.
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