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  1. Thank you Duge! I can't believe it has been 18 year! I'm doing fantastic. Hope you are doing great as well.
  2. Didn't realize you have a had your SCI for 18 years, People like you inspire me!!!!! Hope you are doing well!!!
  3. WOW! your VERY lucky to be alive!!!!! on the 7th of Jan? Mine, I was going to work and at 6 am there was a little old 81 yr old lady made a left hand turn in front of me while I was on the hi-way, only going about 50 at the time. Cops said I had 23 ft of skidmarks "they DID giver her a ticket" No time to even lay it down or anything so I hit her right in the front wheel threw me over it but broke the front end off the bike, bad part I went for 50 days before they found it! I had told them it was broke but they flew me to U of L and they did NOT listen at all. was a T12 burst, but I am SO very lucky to be a incomplete walker but my feet feel like I walk on broken glass. so I can't walk very far at all or stand for anytime!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was injured in 1994 in a car accident. Ejected about 70 feet and broke my back at T-10. It's been really smooth for the 16 years post injury until I got a sore on my ischium. It is now about 1 cm wide and 8 cm deep. Flap surgery on the 7th.
  5. Your very welcome!!!!! Please feel free to ask anything here, I have asked ALOT of questions that to me was very embarrassing but I got answers. Some might make smartass remarks but for the most part most are here to help! Glad to have you as a friend! My SCI was from a motorcycle wreck you can see a picture of the remains of it in the gallery under our accidents, How did you end up with your SCI?
  6. Nice to meet you duge! Thanks for the message.
  7. Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you this IS a very good and informative place!! People will try to help each other and learn here!! Welcome but sorry you had to find us!!!
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