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  1. Know what you mean about the sitting!!!!!! My mornings are usually better! by midmorning I have to lay down and get off my feet! Didn't have any luck with the PM Dr. so foot Dr has put me on 1800mg of gabapetin a day but it's maybe helped my burning a little but Nothing has ever touched the pain part for me!!! Was wondering how you were doing!!!!! If I don't talk to you again for a bit,don't eat too much Turkey!!!!!!!
  2. just stopping by to say I'm still around...still in some pain with this weather changing as's bad in the mornings but once I been up and work it out, it gets better...sitting still too long causes it to act up...and that's what's happening now, so see you to get moving or else the pain catches up with me...
  3. Know what you mean about the painkillers!!!!!!!! Yeah I spend way to much time on it also!!! But I usually am playing Farkle,never tried the bejewled
  4. oh yeah...I'm spending way to much time on facebook too...can't get enough of
  5. well the one screw that was on the "head" of the ankle bone made wearing a shoe painful since that screw had a way of setting the nerves off in my foot...couldn't sleep much at night...soon as I would doze off, electical for pain killers, they don't work for me at all...went without them...
  6. Glad to hear your feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!! kinda bothers me that one day they might say they need to remove the plate and screws in my back. Don't want to have to have that kinda of surgery again EVER!!!!!!!!!! I usually check this out everyday but don't spend alot of time here mostly on facebook if I'm on the comp. Good to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hey got your msg...nothing much...just had surgery on my leg and had some of the hardware removed...feeling much better now that the four screws and plate is gone...they left one screw saying it is a "support" screw...???...yeah long as it doesn't bother me like the plate and such...I'll be happy...hope you're doing well...haven't gone through this website yet to play catch-up...sorry, I don't know nothing about what's going on here...
  8. Hey Lady, Haven't seen you much here!! How's things going?????
  9. Wow girl!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your luck! Not good! was 7 yrs last Saturday since I got hurt. I don't post here much anymore, just pm's like this. Know what you mean about the falling apart!! heck I hit the big 50 this yr and if it get's much worse..... I'll be done before long!
  10. Just read your msg...haven't been able to get to a PC lately...laid up with a broken leg due to the Harley falling on me...which sucks...five screws and plate in leg...need I say more?...hope you're doing better than me...My body and life seems like it's falling apart...can't do much...
  11. Hey there!!!! haven't seen you for a while! bet your getting that Harley ready!
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