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  1. glad yr ok.
  2. hey jody. I heard back from the surgeon today. He left the two old catheters in my spinal canal, said it was too risky to try to fish them out. Now there are three counting the new one. The Medtronics rep said it's rare to have so many as I do, but not unheard of. Supposedly there isn't any risk of damage to my cord.
    take care
  3. theirs a vet college, Ame's university. I was there several times. once for my horse and once to do this cool summer program for pre vet students, and to accompany sick horses for people I worked for. what a place. I'M glad your feeling better. a bac pump was just recommended for me. I think its a long ways off though. did they take out the two old catheters?
  4. your from Iowa. I wanted to go to vet school at ames. I live in winterset all through highschool and did pre vet at creston. it must be so f ng cold right about now. oh yeah, hi.
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