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  1. Thanks Steven. I don't go on facebook much, 'case you couldn't tell, heh.
  2. Wordscraper and Lexulous are Scrabble variants. I play Wordscraper with christopher and lynnifer, usually.
  3. I'm glad for him Steven. It was great last year. I didn't miss a game, no matter where it was played. And the video was great, no interruptions or technical problems.

    A few times when I could get a game on tv, I did a comparison. Often, the p2p4u website's game video was actually a few seconds ahead of the network broadcast. ha.
  4. My Redskins-loving father will appreciate that football link.
  5. Sure thing Steven. Thank you for taking care of the community. You did good.
  6. Thanks for helping bring this to an end. I really appreciate your public statement about your conversation with "Annie".
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