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  1. It was a little too refined for me - you couldnt wear red tights to a ballet class ever - I felt more at home in a jazz dance program when I got older. Of course I no longer had a ballerina's body either as I had hips!
  2. Yeah, I always liked ballet. Not doing it, but watching it. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, and it looks really hard physically, too, which piques the interest of the athlete within me. I didn't know you were a dancer as a kid Nicole. Pretty cool.
  3. Yes I was but later from age 9-12. I was always dancing though, I was likely in a modern dance class at the time of that pic. You a ballet fan?
  4. Were you a ballerina as a child, Nicole? In the pic?
  5. You should know me by now, arrogance brings out my tenacity! But I didn't know he was in that bad of place I'll attempt to reign it in.

    Love you too Bob but you've been corrupted by kate who was corrupted by my friend melissa. Nikki makes me think of a 16 or cheerleader or somethin'.
    Happy new year to you too,

  6. Love you Niki, but why you even "debate," vgrafen, amazes me. The man is seriously suffering from health problems; physical, emotional and spiritual...the latter two derived from the first.

    Yeah, he's out of whack, but I ran him to ground a few months ago and since my conscience has slapped me.

    Well, never mind.

    HappyNew Year Nikkie
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