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  1. Brenda,
    I am a c5/c6 incomplete walking quad. I was taught to walk again a week after my fall.
    They had me doing all sorts of ROM and stretching before they tried me out on the parallel bars. They did try some type of hoist that lifted me up and held me over a treadmill. I was able to walk about twenty feet the second week with the assistance of a walker.I was allowed one month of therapy in the hospital, before they said I had to leave. They had me come back in a week later and did a laminectomy of c3 through c6 they ended up getting rid of some spurs. They had to wait that long for the swelling would go down
    I have gone through two years of out patient rehab to help build up my endurance and strength. I only have 30% return on right side and 70% return on left side, I have a quad paw and drop foot on my right side with no improvement after three years of this new life I am able to get out and walk about 200 yards with the assistance of a quad cane.
  2. husband is a c6-7 incomplete. How soonn did you walk? Is there hope my husband will walk? Injured July 22, 2008. No fingers. He fell off 14 ft. roof. How were you injured. Thanks brenda
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