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  1. Good Deal and get some sun
  2. lol I overtrained last year.Plus the pick line didn't help.I've been slamm'n down some calories.
  3. Thanks I am feeling better. Diet? dude you're skinny enough lol
  4. Aww,hope you get better soon.The girls are sick as well.I'm enjoying putting on size until time to diet again.
  5. Hi Geno, just busy with work and now I'm sick again with a cold . How's your world?
  6. Hello,
    What have you been up too?
  7. The show is june 27th.
  8. Really. You already look pretty lean. When's the show?
  9. Doing good.Dieting for show.Much leaner this year.
  10. What's been up?
  11. Thanks!!!!
  12. LoL very cool - Thanks! don't forget my pics
  13. Thanks Van Damn
  14. Happy valentines day!!!
  15. Oh yes.Good one.
  16. lol yes,alot get there riding hand caught in the rope when getting off.Not a fun thing to happen.Or when a spur gets stuck too.
  17. Cool, have fun, i look forward to the pics. have you noticed that alot of cowboys are missing their thumbs or parts of their fingers lol.
  18. Thanks,the rodeo is saturday night.My friend Willis in the blue shirt will be riding the bulls.I'll take plenty of pics.
  19. Hi, did you make it to the rodeo? hey did you also rodeo too? good to see you on the board that must mean you're feeling better
  20. Just saying Hello.
  21. Hope you get rid of your cough.

    Surething,I'll post about it as I get further along with it.I think you would love it.This would tone your arms up quick.

    Check out these videos.
  22. So far so good, except for this lil cough I can't seem to get rid of, man I think I have to go back to the doctor ugh. That fitness thing you bought, you have to give us updates on hows thats working for ya, I want to tone my arms up so I'm really thinking bout getting one.
  23. Hope your New Year has started off great.
  24. Thanks,

    I couldn't miss Head Bangers
  25. Thanks HNY to you too. wtg with the white lion tune, you must be a hair metal fan too - awesome lol.
  27. Cool,I'll look for the pic.Yes Ed Hardy stuff is expensive.The bottles are big so it should last me a long time.
  28. LoL, I should take pics with them on, I'll put them in my album if i do. Cool Ed Hardy loot, that stuff is expensive.
  29. O.K. where's the Vans?
  30. So far it is.Enjoy yours and have a great time.
  31. Sounds like a good day
  32. Yes,we were up at 6:00 a.m. to be up for our little girl.She was excited.Ate too much for lunch now I'm
  33. Just waiting for the Fam to get here, we don't do our thing till bout 1pm-ish, I'm sure you all have tore into your gifts and all. Now on to new years.
  34. Thanks,

    Hope you're having a great day.
  35. Hey Thank you, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family
  36. Merry Christmas Jerri!!!
  37. Thanks alot, hope you're having a great weekend too.
  38. Great pic of you.Enjoy the weekend.
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