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  1. I hear you. We took her to a tae kwon do instructor when she was that old, but I think she lacked confidence and was intimidated at that age. On Tuesday's a karate instructor teaches a one-hour class after school right on school grounds. She wanted to do that after she found out her best friend was in it. That's only been for a few months, but she seems to like it . And it's not like there doing any full contact at that age. I just keep telling her how cool I think it is and how gymnastics will help her with karate and vice versa. Girls have to be able to defend themselves these days.
  2. Awesome!!! mine are four and two.Topanga is getting better at dancing.Want to put them in martial arts but wife is if'y on that.
  3. I'm doing good. I'm keeping busy and staying healthy. How are the girls? They must be getting pretty big by now. Ours is 7 and kicking ass in gymnastics. I mean she's only been doing it one year now, but she's getting her muscles conditioned and they are super flexible at that age.
  4. Doing good man.How about you?
  5. Looking good VD. How have you been?
  6. Thanks dude. I hope yours was a very Merry! Mine was good.
  7. Merry Christmas
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