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  1. Me and friends go to vegas once sometimes twice a year. Do you ever go cause maybe we can meet and go see fights?
  2. It's pay per view and tonight the ultimate fighter comes on "free". spike tv.
  3. I'm Still Laughing!
  4. HAHA! My Bad! I'm laughing right now! I made a joke when it wasn't one...LOL!
  5. "Free fights on pay per view" ( I almost chuckled )

    Those Jerk Owners were suppose to have fights broadcasts at theaters but don't know what happened. I was excited cause my wheelchaired ass gets in free with a friend. ( no joke )
  6. Are they going to be free fights or pay-per-view? I'm too cheap to pay and watch.
  7. I luv great fights also! I heard that the GSP and diaz fight is off and now Penn is suppose to fight Diaz (better and greater fight) and GSP is fighting condit. That's what I heard.
    Oh yeah! Lesnar vs overheem coming up too.
  8. Perhaps it was stopped early, but Fedor was given an unwelcome gift. He would have been clobbered and possibly maimed.
    I don't really have any mma favorites, I just like good fights.
  9. I remember you! The Henderson fan! Boooooo! I'm just bitter.
    BTW. That fight was still stopped too early.
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